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Want to know how I received 406 inquiries in ONE YEAR!?

We're going to go big here in order to grab some attention. 


and it cost me $0

I've got something
 For you!

I've seen it happen time and time again.... 
You are a creative entrepreneur who wants to expand your reach for your potential customers. 
You do what you are told, you post on social media, you use hashtags, and maybe you even have a blog. 

You want to create content that will continue to drive dreamy clients to your website, day after day, week after week, year after year!!! 

And you know that your website is the core of your business! 

Here's what I also know to be true...
Your time is limited.
You are busy with life, kids, spouse, business, and you want to make sure that what you spend your time on WORKS! 
And works the first time!

Welcome to
Blogging with Strategy!

I created this course for you!


your website is beautiful!
your work is stunning!
none of that matters if no one can find your website!

When it came to blogging I had no idea what I was doing. I would just do pictures and nothing else thinking I was actually do something. Before this course I didn’t get anyone to my blog site.
"Following that one-liner highlight from your client's testimonial you are going to want to add the entire thing hear to really drive home how awesome people think your course or product is."

Stephanie f. wedding photographer

"I have booked 5 weddings from what I learned!"

That's RIGHT!!

Now, don't get me wrong, I LOVE social media!!

But all that time that we are spending perfecting our grid and stressing about hashtags and algorithms, and it only lives for 48 hours?!?!?

While a blog post, done right, has the lifespan of
700+ days!!

See this horrible URL link (don't worry, you'll learn the right way if your links look like this too!)

Look at the date. Its from 2015. 

The current year is 2022.

This blog post is 7 YEARS OLD!

And it was the TOP PERFORMING Page on my website last month. 

What if I told you that you could create content that would last for years?

but guess what...

**data from

Blogging with Strategy


that's the power of strategy!

want proof its true?

Your website is supposed to be SALES MACHINE in your business! The only way to do that is to drive traffic to your website! 
There's a strategic way...let me show you!

You are missing potential clients trying to find you on Google!

Here's what you are missing by not blogging!

You are missing an opportunity for FREE marketing!



You are missing driving ORGANIC TRAFFIC to your site.


You are missing more opportunities to showcase your work.



let's do this!!

Turn your website into the SALES MACHINE it is supposed to be by driving organic traffic to your content

Understand that you don't have to blog just to blog! When you blog with strategy, it's about QUALITY content!

Learn the secret sauce of keyword research and keyword strategy

That infamous GREEN light on Yoast that Google loves? I'll show you how easy it is to achieve!

Want to STALK your competition? I got you covered!

Get off the hamsterwheel of creating daily content on Social Media!

By the end of this course, you will...

let's do this!!

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I'll wait.....

What other FREE marketing brought you 406 inquiries to your inbox in 2021?

I put my 8 years of moving my business and relying on SEO and Blogging to build a thriving
six-figure business into an easy-to-follow program so that you can do the same.

I was once where you are, right here, right now.

I became a destination wedding photographer strictly because I had to.
As a military spouse, I have up and moved my business to different locations 4 times in the last 6 years, including one in the middle of a global pandemic.

And I've done everything when it comes to marketing...

I've spent $600 A MONTH on The Knot to be a top 6 feature....
I've used Google Ads and Facebook Ads...
You do NOT want to see the back end of my Showit Platform, because in there you will see THOUSANDS of dollars worth of templates, thinking my site wasn't converting!

I knew a little bit about blogging and SEO, but I was nervous to really dive deep! I was blogging, because someone told me to, but to be honest, it seemed not worth my time.

Because of moving so often, I didn't have the luxury of a huge referral based business, and networking and becoming a preferred vendor takes time, and isn't guaranteed. 

As I began to study and understand the power of SEO and how it goes hand in hand with Blogging, I started to lay the foundation to build a business that has generate thousands of inquiries to my inbox over the years...for FREE! 


but it wasn't always this way.

Boy was I wrong!

Overcome the BIGGEST obstacle entrepreneurs face when it comes to blogging...

Because that's not the STRATEGY behind blogging! 

Plus, learn how to get the GREEN LIGHT on EVERY blog post!

When you understand that so much of SEO is putting yourself in your dream client's shoes, it becomes a breeze!!!

Essentially, what is your client searching for on Google?

Guess what? It's not that hard! 

Look, I don't need to constantly tell you that you NEED to blog.

You know this. You've heard it. And yet, here we are!

So let me tell you what you are missing by NOT blogging:

Mastering SEO

Let's Make Blogging Sexy!


module two

And even if it is....this type of stalking isn't against the law!!!

Find out what keywords is driving traffic to YOUR competitors, so you can strategize how to do it BETTER!

48 hours vs 700+ Days.

That's the lifespan of an Instagram post vs a Blog Post done right.

Lifespan of a Reel? 14+ days!

There's a place for all of the options for marketing. 
I can tell you though, SEO and Google will outlast each and every one of them! 

Make Your Content Last Longer!!

Is it REALLY Stalking?



This is the HEART of this course! 

This is where the MAGIC happens!

With an effective keyword strategy, your website is GOLDEN!

Keywords to Call in Your BEST Customers!


modules released weekly for 6 weeks

lifetime access to course and future updates!

expand your reach on the internet outside of social media

Follow a proven roadmap to drive high qualified leads to your website

A beautiful website means NOTHING if you are not driving ORGANIC traffic to it! 

So lets get you started!

"I have increased my keywords shown up on Google and have increased my web traffic my 200% by posting each week and directing traffic from my Instagram to my website. 

 I have taken a few courses before and Vanessa's content was broken down into easily manageable sections!!


increased her traffic by 200%

Yes, It Really Works!!!

"I blogged consistently each week even when I didn't feel like it."

I have lots of ideas for future blog posts. I was ranking number one on Google for keywords with little to no search volume. I've since adjusted the keywords I need/want to rank for based on the research methods you taught for Ubersuggest. My SEO audit has improved in all areas and my SEO audit score has increased from 89 to 98!!


has seen more leads come in from google!

I have spent THOUSANDS on education for my business and I can CONFIDENTLY say this course has been one the best investments!"

I was able to go back and edit past blogs to rank on Google AND learn how to streamline my blogging workflow! I've added SIX new blogs since I've started and have more scheduled this month!


is seeing actual results on google!


Students who have taken this course


Number of times I cried about that!!


Different Business Niches enrolled in the course! 


of students finished the course within 6 weeks!

I'm Vanessa and
I love exclamation points!!!!

My journey in the wedding industry has been a bit different than most. Thanks to my husband serving our country for the last 22 years, I have moved my business 4 times in the last 6.5 years, including right smack dab in the middle of a PanDemiLovato. AND now prepping for yet ANOTHER move in 2023!

And blogging and strategy has been the KEY to my success!

I don't have the luxury of being in a location for very long. We are constantly moving every 2-3 years.
As you can imaging, this makes getting referrals and networking is even harder.

But, by strategically incorporating blogging into my business and understanding that people are looking for ME, even before I arrive to the new location, has helped me create a six figure business year after year, move after move!

I am able to attract clients and locations I want to photograph at just by understanding WHAT they are searching for, and creating content for them to find! 
I created this course showing you step by step on how I've been able to achieve this, how I've been able to teach hundreds of other entrepreneurs how to do it, and yes, even YOU can achieve it too!

I am also a lover of Starbucks, The Office, Schitts Creek, Disney, and Glitter! If you can have a conversation in GIF's, we can be best friends!

meet your blogging coach!

I went from not ranking on Google at all to Page 2 on Google with her help!!

nicole o

"Im now ranking on Google!"

I went from not ranking on Google at all to Page 2 on Google with her help!!

nicole o

"Im now ranking on Google!"

Ranking on Page 1 on Google for local keywords!

Ruby s

" I rank #1 in my area thanks to you!"

This course is the only one of its kind because...

i've bought all the blogging courses out there. One thing is missing.....strategy!

Most blogging courses out there have one thing in common......
They teach you how to blog!
You will learn how to blog, get some blog topics, and then sent along your way. 
While there is nothing wrong with that persay, when you dive deep into blogging and SEO, you understand that it's not about blogging every single session or event you have. 

You don't even have to blog every day.  But, by adding STRATEGY to your blogging, you can work on Blogging LESS, and FILL your calendar with your ideal clients, who were on Google LOOKING FOR YOU!!!

Without strategy, you are back to blogging just to blog, and HOPING it drive's some traffic to your site.

We are done HOPING....we are taking ACTION!!!

This program includes everything you need to do to rank on Google!

Google is looking for you!
Your future clients are looking for you!
The only thing that is standing in the way.... is YOU!
Are you ready to start ranking on Google and creating a lead generating website? 

KNOW what your potential clients are looking up right now and create content around that

STOP blogging just because you know you are supposed to! Blog with INTENTION and STRATEGY!

STOP relying on Paid Advertising as your only referral source to your business! 

CREATE content that lasts not just days, but YEARS!

JUMP off that hamster wheel of creating content by creating cornerstone content!

ENJOY filling up your calendar with inquiries and growing your business!

By the end of this course, you will be able to


This      for you if:

you are ready to drive traffic to your site year after year

You're okay with google not finding you...and potential clients

tired of relying on paid advertising or social media for leads


you're ready to see what your website is currently doing for you

It's probably       for you if...

you don't see the power in seo and what it can do for your business



It's probably
for you if...

is yours?

Your website's MAIN FOCUS is to generate organic traffic to it!

How long are the doors open to join Blogging with Strategy?

The doors are open until December 2022!
Then doors will close so I can truly serve everyone through the course.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the course?

FOREVER!!  And as SEO and Blogging tips constantly evolve, thanks to Google, I will update the course as needed, which you will have access to

How do I know if this is the right investment for me?

There's a ton of educators out there.
There's others who have taught on this very topic. 
Yet, what's missing is the strategic part of blogging and SEO. 
If you are struggling with being consistent and booking clients from Google, this is for YOU!

When are the Live Coaching Calls?

Live calls will happen in the FB Group every Thursday at 2pm PST! They will be recorded just in case you miss them!

What happens after I hit the Buy Now?

You will recieve several emails from me!
One with your login information to the course. And another email with a link to the private group!
And there may be some motivational emails in there as well!

Do you think my business can rank on Google? Will this work for me?

100% YES!
But it is up to YOU to put in the work! You will be taught ALL of the strategy, but YOU have to implement it..

shoot me an email

I completely understand. Every dollar invested in your business is an important one!
Maybe you have that one bad experience with investing in something that didn't pay off. 

But, I also have been where you are. 
Paying for marketing platforms and there is no ROI.
Looking at an inbox and leads are running dry. 
I've had those "dry spells" , while everyone around me seemed to be booking. 

Add on top of that, the minute that I started to make a name for myself, I was moving again, starting the journey all over again.

I've spent thousands on courses and coaches that taught me the "fluff"

I created this course for YOU!
I broke down one of the most UNSEXIEST topics in the industry, and broke it down for YOU!
I would never teach and expect you to do something that I don't ACTUALLY DO!

I'm lifting the hood off of my business and showing you every single thing that I do, in terms of my personal blogging with strategy, that has made this six figure business withstand move after move, through a pandemic, and everything else. 

I trust this course because I am proof it works. 
I trust this course because of what hundreds of other students have stated.

I trust this course will work for you too!

And here's the great thing...

You are not alone through this course. I am active and in our private Facebook group for the next 6 weeks.
Not my team.

Coaching you, cheering you on, answering all questions!

Let's start laying the foundation of your business with a solid Blogging and SEO strategy that will outlast any trend!

Still on the fence?